Business Consulting Services

We’re in the business of solving problems. Clients come to us for answers to questions they care deeply about. We immerse ourselves in your business in order to develop tried & true solutions that will provide you with ongoing improvement. We’re big on data: we like to quantify results. We count it a privilege to offer you our Optimization Strategies for Success.™

Andrew Jensen, the CEO of Sozo Firm and an efficiency expert, has been featured in numerous publications and advises businesses throughout the United States regarding streamlining their processes to remove waste, increase productivity, and raise profitability. If your business is falling short of the goal, contact Andrew today for an initial consultation. His motif is constant improvement.

Our business consulting services are broken down into the following categories:

Business Efficiency Consulting

Business Efficiency ConsultingWe can give your small to medium size business a complete health checkup from top to bottom, or we can focus on a specific department if desired. Our business operations & performance evaluations are meticulous with one of our consultants preferring to spend multiple days on site, immersing themselves into your business’ environment and meeting with you and your staff. Following the initial evaluation and assessment, we will help guide you in implementing the recommendations, directing your business toward becoming a more successful operation.

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Management Efficiency Coaching

Management CoachingAn organized manager with a method to her madness will have a significant positive impact on the team which serves her. We can provide one on one, in person or virtual, management efficiency consulting to equip your management team to climb to the next level in productive leadership. Too often, a manager becomes stuck in a rut with large portions of their weekly schedule wasted due to disorganization or a chaotic environment. We will help you regain control of your schedule, to do list, and your office; we’ll guide you toward more effectively and efficiently leading your staff successfully toward demanding goals.

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Time Management Consulting

Time Management ConsultingWhat would you do if you had more hours in your day? With our time management consulting, you’ll discover ways to minimize being “swamped” and have time to begin enjoying life. We help corporate management and staff more efficiently use their time while at work in order to increase performance and individual morale. Don’t let the stress of inadequate time and procrastination ruin your life. Learn to take control of how you invest your time with our time management guidance.

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Customer Service Consulting

Customer Service ConsultingIt’s easy to become so absorbed in your work that you neglect the very ones who are ultimately responsible for your company’s success. We offer a full evaluation of your business’ customer service along with strategies to transform your service from mediocre to outstanding. Do customers rave over the way you go out of your way to help them? Or, are you constantly shrinking away from Googling your company’s name due to the review sites being full of comments left by disgruntled clients? Perhaps it’s time to start fresh with an honest assessment of your customer service shortfalls. We will gladly offer an honest perspective of where you are along with guidelines to progress toward customer service that leaves a “wow” and a smile.

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Sales & Marketing Consulting

Sales & Marketing ConsultingWhat kind of return on your investment are you getting with your sales & marketing budgets? How effective was your last billboard campaign – or did you even set up a means to track its results? When you feel your marketing dollars are merely padding the wallets of magazine & cable companies, it’s time to have our experts analyze how you do your sales & marketing in order to determine how you can optimize your outreach for a greater level of return. Don’t be satisfied with merely having a daily radio ad or a full page Yellow Pages ad. Insist on measurable results for each marketing dollar invested. Don’t be afraid to drop advertising venues that can’t give you reasonable returns. Make the bold move needed and contact us to begin a full analysis of your sales & marketing programs.

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Internet Efficiency Consulting

internet marketing strategiesDoes business efficiency affect only the brick and mortar aspects of your business? In our digitally embraced age, companies frequently ignore the millions of dollars which are poured each year into their web presence and internet marketing, brushing those dollars off as “essentials.” Do you hold those web investments accountable in terms of productivity generation? We’re here to jump into your web marketing division and get our hands dirty. We’ll demand hard data and evaluate, dollar for dollar, the effectiveness of your internet based advertising campaigns.

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