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Every day, thousands of new web pages are added to the net. Every month, competitors in your market launch websites to compete directly against you. How will your site(s) fare? What steps are you taking to ensure your company’s cash flow & customer base continue to grow?
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SEO Consulting & Implementation

Sozo Firm offers a thorough website analysis, high level SEO consultation, and ongoing professional implementation of search engine optimization services. Google & Bing, the two leading search engines, regularly modify their algorithms which determine how sites rank for search terms.

Stop worrying about how your websites will perform on the net. Let the expert SEO professionals manage those headaches for you. Focus on your customers while Sozo Firm streamlines your site and helps it compete in the competitive world online.

Our Clients

Since 2006, we’ve been privileged to serve corporations, nonprofit organizations and small businesses throughout almost all 50 states and in multiple countries around the planet.

We’ve provided consulting to a Forbes top 10, Fortune 500s, businesses operated by former Yahoo & AOL management, universities, schools, hundreds of nonprofits & foundations, health care related companies, law firms, doctors, small business owners, wineries, factories, business brokers, publishers, government contractors, internet startups, software companies, and so many more.

We’ve worked with websites receiving millions of visitors monthly as well as brand new sites still under development. We can help your team develop scalable SEO solutions for complex structures, or we can provide the onsite optimization ourselves.

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Live in the Baltimore or York, PA region? Our lead consultant, Andrew Jensen, would be glad to set up a time to meet with you at your office to discuss your website and search strategy.

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Begin with Our Website Audit

We strongly encourage clients to begin with our in-depth website analysis. Our audits usually include the following assessments (coupled with recommendations for improving performance):

  1. Assessment of the website: coding, structure, navigation, linking, copy, SEO best practices
  2. Assessment of online advertising (especially AdWords): structure, ad copy, tracking
  3. Assessment of website traffic & user behavior on the site: relying on Google Analytics (and, if possible, Clicky Analytics which will also provide heatmaps)
  4. Assessment of social media: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc
  5. Assessment of relative online strength: examining the backlink profile of the main website
  6. Assessment of competition: examining the relative online strength of select (usually 5) competitors through identifying any notable web marketing practices and inspecting their backlink profile

seo trophy awardAt the conclusion of our website review, we deliver a report detailing our assessment of your website along with our clear recommendations for moving forward. Our audits are quite thorough, and we require a time period of 30 days to examine the data and compile the report, assuming we have full access to website analytics during that time period.

For clients with their own web development staff, we can then provide ongoing consultation (at an hourly rate) to assist as your team implements the recommendations. For clients looking for a full service ongoing SEO package, the Sozo Firm team will gladly provide not only high caliber consultation but also implement the SEO action plan you choose.

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Our Fees for Ongoing SEOthis website optimized for search engines badge

Our fees for search engine optimization are based on the level of services which you require for your website(s). Please submit the contact form below for a custom quote.

The amount of search engine optimization time per week which you select is the amount of time which we guarantee one of our SEO specialists will work with your account on a weekly basis. Unlike some agencies, we don’t sit back and ignore your website while collecting payment from you. We diligently and actively work with your website each week for the amount of time which you contract with us.

SEO Rates

We can bill for our SEO services at an hourly rate or work on a monthly/annual retainer basis. Please contact us to obtain a quote for an initial site analysis. Our ongoing SEO services require a minimum monthly spend and a minimum 6 months duration (12 months recommended). A monthly retainer fee can be customized according to your company’s specific needs and budget allocated. Particular cases will vary based on the size & quality of the website as well as the competivity level.

Your Personal, Professional SEO Expert

When we partner with companies, we don’t take that relationship lightly. It’s a commitment to do our very best to help improve your online image. It’s a commitment to help your business succeed. We put our reputation on the line when we take on your company’s project, and we do so firmly believing that our work will pay for itself. This is why our clients tend to be long term. We get to know their company and their philosophy well, and then we get to work reflecting that philosophy through the strategies we formulate and implement.

We Offer a Thorough SEO Evaluation

When you enter into a contract with Sozo Firm for search engine optimization services, we’ll be evaluating some or all of the following:

  • website structure
  • keyword & traffic potential
  • content
  • overall usability of the site
  • traffic behavior
  • present placement in SERPs (search engine result pages)
  • inbound linkage from external sites
  • your marketing niche & competition

We’ll be examining your website thoroughly including its page titles, header tags, and robot.txt file. We’ll look for the presence (or absence) of targeted terms/phrases as well as uncover search engine unfriendliness issues (duplicate content, indexed throwaway pages, etc.) and inappropriate link juice transfer. We’ll address spam concerns which may be present on the site, including those introduced innocently in the design stage or intentionally through previous questionable SEO practices.

White Hat Expert SEO

Search engine optimization “specialists” are now a dime a dozen. We believe that the quality of our work as well as our prompt, friendly customer service will continue to distinguish us. In conjunction with our high standards, we strive to comply with Google, Yahoo & Bing’s requirements of webmasters to produce optimized sites for our clients; in the event of a “gray area,” we ensure our clients are informed about the risk potential before any action is taken.

Wonder How We Do?

Contact us, and we’ll give you a few real life examples.