AdWords Campaign Management

Google AdWords campaign managementAt Sozo Firm, we provide high level ongoing ad management. We’ve handled complex campaigns for online furniture stores, electronics & technology stores, service providers, and franchisee companies. We’ve run statewide, national and international ad campaigns. We’ve handled Google Grant accounts for nonprofits. We strive for transparency and we commit to doing our best for your company’s success.

Pricing for SEM Campaign Managementtargeted advertising

For Google Adwords & Bing Ads campaign management, our fees are based on the level of ongoing ad management which you require for your campaign. We can allocate a set time of guaranteed high level ad management services to your account on a weekly basis.

Please submit our online contact form below to obtain a customized quote for managing your AdWords or Bing Ads campaigns.

The amount of ad management time per week which you select is the amount of time which we guarantee one of our ad specialists will work with your account on a weekly basis. Unlike some agencies, we don’t sit back and ignore your AdWords account while collecting payment from you. We diligently and actively work with your account each week for the amount of time which you contract with us.

Google Engage for Agencies

Sozo Firm is a member of Google Engage for Agencies. We’ve worked with AdWords since 2005, and we love complex campaigns including those which involve AdWords Remarketing, Similar Audiences and Interests. Let us take your AdWords campaigns to the next level!

Interested in Learning More?

If your business or organization is located in the Baltimore or York, PA area, our lead consultant, Andrew Jensen, would be glad to schedule a meeting with you at your business or organization. If your business is located outside of our immediate area, please submit the online form below, and we will schedule a time to discuss Pay-Per-Click campaigns over the phone.

Obtain a Custom Quote for Your SEM Campaign

Get a fast quote for your search engine advertising campaign. Begin the conversation with Sozo Firm today by submitting the brief form below or calling (800) 460-SOZO.

Note: Due to our current project load, we are presently being very selective with any new projects we accept. The following are always welcome: referrals, nonprofit organizations, startups, and small to mid size businesses/corporations in need of long term Google AdWords/Bing Ads management services.

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Why Invest in Google AdWords?

The best search engine optimization (SEO) campaign coexists with a carefully maintained and regularly improved search engine marketing (SEM) plan. Take advantage of every opportunity to direct targeted traffic toward your websites. Ensure clients looking for your brand or services are directed toward your site and not that of your competition. Own your brand by bidding on brand related keywords and phrases. Increase your scope in search engines by targeting hot words & phrases which your site is not yet organically ranking for in SERPs (search engine result pages). Target competitive commercial keywords – even if your website is ranking strong organically for them – because, inevitably, your organic listing will capture a small portion of the traffic that a top ranking AdWord would capture for the same keyword.

ad rebranding and remarketing campaignsAs Google heavily monetizes commercial inquiries by driving the bulk of search traffic into the central top 3 AdWords, studies show that companies not actively promoting their brand and services through pay per click ads are missing out on the bulk of possible search engine driven traffic. No longer does much of the commercial intent traffic enter business websites through strictly organic search. Where there is money to be made, Google will be sure to make it, and we find large volumes of traffic being funneled through ads while companies find that the bulk of their organic traffic is now entering their sites largely through long tail keywords. The end result? You’ve got to be investing heavily in AdWords and Bing ads or else your competitors will capture the bulk of available web leads. Each year, Google becomes less of a “search” engine and more of an ad display. The leads which Google can generate are still good, but now it’s more of a “Pay to Play,” and you’d better not miss out on the action.

The catch with Pay Per Click is that, while it seems to be so simple that any web savvy person can set up a campaign, in actuality, Google AdWords and Bing Ads are very complicated and both require diligent, ongoing efforts in order to ensure continued success. Money that your company has been spending on search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns should now be split into AdWords/Bing Ads as well as SEO.

Setup Fee for Google Adwords & Bing Ads

For brand new complex accounts or accounts which we inherit that require a significant time investment in order to make functional, we may charge an initial set up fee.

Existing Adwords Campaign Check Up

Many companies already have existing ad campaigns managed internally and need some advice and high level training in order to assist the internal ad managers and improve the performance of those ad campaigns. We’ll gladly do as extensive an analysis as you desire. Fees vary based on how complex your campaigns are, the type of analysis you need, and the amount of implementation you’d like. An Adwords checkup is a perfect match for a Google ad account which has just been sitting untouched for several months (or even longer). Stop wasting money and start spending your advertising budget more efficiently.

Ongoing Monthly Google Adwords Management

Our ongoing monthly management is typically tied to a set number of guaranteed service hours per month which can be determined by the client. This option is perfect for businesses that just want to sit back and let a professional ad account manager take control. An initial set up fee may be required for brand new accounts as well as for underdeveloped accounts that need much tender loving care to bring them to performance level.