Sozo Firm Announces Reputation Helper Launch

We’re proud to announce the official launch of Reputation Helper, our partnership with some of the world’s leading specialists in combating internet libel and defamation. Reputation Helper has been several years in the  making, and we’re excited to publicly enter the arena of online reputation management with our arsenal full of top caliber weapons.

Many SEO related businesses have added on “internet reputation management” to their list of services over the past couple of years. We’ve also assisted a  number of clients with reputation management from an SEO angle. However, search engine optimization strategies mixed with paid advertisements can only go so far to combat anonymous blogger posts and competitor forum bashing which, for some individuals and companies, has become more and more extreme as the web continues to grow.

Effective online reputation management today requires an all out, thorough defense and offense embracing all the legal options available. Together with our industry seasoned professionals, Reputation Helper can work with your attorneys to investigate the origin of where these attacks are coming from (i.e. from a single disgruntled customer or with funding from an aggressive competitor) and address these serious attacks at their foundation. While some cases do proceed to court, frequently our specialists are able to work with your legal counsel and achieve out of court settlement.

Reputation Helper’s partners have served large and small corporations as well as celebrities in countering online aggressive defamation. If your good name or brand is being  maliciously attacked online, please contact our staff at Reputation Helper for more information on how we can serve you.

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