Internet Marketing Consulting

Since 2004, we’ve been developing and implementing strategies to help corporations, non profit organizations and small businesses strengthen and improve their web presence. At Sozo Firm, our motif is “constant improvement.” In our business consulting, we apply this to all facets of an organization, from its office flow and communications to its offline and online marketing.

Frequently we find companies have jumped into web marketing without a full understanding of the risks involved nor with a predetermined goal and framework for accomplishing that goal. Waste and inefficiency may run unchecked, particularly as an increasing amount of the advertising budget is diverted away from offline methods and shifted toward the web. Our desire is to help organizations streamline their internet marketing efforts and to develop strategies for success online.

Levels of Service Available

Based on the client and their resources at hand, we may provide the following levels of service:

  • pure consulting;
  • consulting with ongoing oversight of a company’s web marketing team; or
  • consulting with implementation by the Sozo Firm team.

We regularly work as an extension of various advertising agencies & marketing firms, offering our strategic internet marketing consultant services as a white label through their brand.

Services Provided

We offer the following internet marketing related services:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Google AdWords & Bing Ads Management
  3. A/B Split Testing
  4. Website Analytics Evaluation
  5. Website Usability Studies
  6. Lead Generation
  7. Micro Marketing Sites
  8. Reputation Monitoring & Management
  9. Social Media Strategies
  10. Backlink Development
  11. Content Marketing
  12. Copywriting

Types of Clients Served

We don’t focus on any specific niche but enjoy the challenges and variety which accompany learning about each new client’s field. We’ve advised a broad variety of clients including a Forbes top 10, Fortune 500s, billionaires & multimillionaires, former Yahoo & AOL management, a search engine, government contractors, factories, importers, health care companies, universities, software companies, real estate agencies, business consultants, technology startups, wineries, doctors, attorneys, construction companies, insurance agencies, foster care agencies, boarding schools, foundations, churches, nonprofit organizations, etc.

Locations Served

Sozo Firm is located about 30 miles north of Baltimore on the MD/PA line in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania. We regularly travel to clients in Washington, D.C. and in Maryland (particularly  Baltimore & Harford counties), as well as to clients in York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Hanover, & Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. We have served clients in almost all of the 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii, and we also serve international clients.


Our fees for ongoing services are based on the level of services which you require. Please contact us through our online contact form below to obtain a customized quote for your project.

We can bill for our internet marketing consultant services at an hourly rate, work on a monthly/annual retainer basis, or bill by the project. Please contact us to obtain a quote for your specific project. Our ongoing internet marketing consultant services require a minimum monthly spend and a minimum 6 months duration (12 months recommended). A monthly retainer fee can be customized according to your company’s specific needs and budget allocated.

Contact Sozo Firm

Please submit the form below to obtain more information on how we can help your organization improve your presence online.

Note: Due to our current project load, we are presently being very selective with any new projects we accept. The following are always welcome: referrals, nonprofit organizations, startups, and small-mid size businesses/corporations in need of long term consulting.

Learn about Our Internet Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization

Baltimore SEO companyBeginning with our initial website analysis, we’ll do keyword research, examine your website’s coding & content for issues affecting its ability to rank well in Google & Bing, and develop a proposed plan of action to help your website become stronger amidst the competition for your targeted keywords. We offer SEO consultant services as well as full fledged ongoing SEO implementation to help your website more effectively compete. Learn more about our search engine optimization services.

Google AdWords Campaign Evaluation

Google AdWords campaign managementDo you feel like you’re just pouring endless marketing dollars into ad campaigns that don’t give results? We’ll thoroughly go through your current campaigns, making recommendations for optimizing them to increase their performance. We’ll gladly train your staff regarding best practices for running AdWords campaigns and even show you some advanced ways of using AdWords that you probably never dreamed existed. Learn more about our search engine marketing services.

A/B Split Testing

A/B split testingDon’t just drive traffic to your site through ads. Experiment with different landing pages and ad versions and measure the results. We’ll help you set up your A/B testing, fully manage it, and provide you with the easy to understand results. Our philosophy for each client’s project we tackle is to always strive to get better. Improvement can only be made if you bravely jump out there and try something. Experiments may mean failure, but you’ll never know how well an idea works until you give it your best shot and measure results.

Website Analytics

understanding Google analyticsGoogle Analytics is a great free tool; however, do you know how to leverage it to determine the ROI for your most recent email newsletter campaign or for your Google AdWords? We’ll help you better understand Google Analytics, and we may even advise you invest in more powerful, fee based analytics tools to take your visitor tracking to the next level. Observing carefully what visitors do when they come to your website can help you improve your website as well as help you allocate your online marketing budget into that which generates the most results.

Website Usability

website usability testingJust because you build it doesn’t mean they’ll come and use it. Well, they might come and try to use it, but they might not stick around long enough to make their stay profitable for you. If you suspect your website has usability issues, we offer both basic as well as advanced usability studies. We’ll rip your site apart and give you the blunt truth about it that will make you cringe (just kidding).

Lead Generation/Micro Websites

micro marketing websitesNeed more customers? Need more clients? We’ll help you craft a lead generation/micro website strategy to focus on niche groups of customers. Our web development team can design these lead generation sites, or we’ll gladly work alongside your web team and provide the core marketing & optimization strategies. Our lead generation sites have been quite effective at driving targeted prospects to our clients.

Reputation Monitoring & Management

reputation monitoring servicesA disgruntled former employee or a disreputable competitor can anonymously slash back at you on the web and cost you thousands of dollars in lost sales within hours. Are you prepared to fight back? With our internet reputation monitoring & management services, we’ll help you lay out a plan of action before that attack begins – or immediately after the fact if you are already experiencing it. If you need to take your internet reputation management to the next level, we partner with a company which can address it at a deeper level, working alongside of your legal team.

Social Media Strategies

effectively using social mediaHow are you using Facebook and Twitter? Are you taking advantage of YouTube or other video/picture sharing websites? Can social media websites really generate valuable traffic to your website along with buzz about your products and services? Or is maintaining Facebook company pages and Twitter profiles merely a waste time with little ROI to show? We’ll help you understand the power of the social web, and we’ll develop a strategy that works within your staff’s ability and your budget to put social media into action for you.

Backlink Development

link development strategiesIt’s true that links are still a huge part of what determines how your website will rank within search engines. In fact, a site’s backlink profile in conjunction with the anchor text making up those links plays a significant factor in how well or how poorly your website will be found for your key search terms. Let us develop a strategy to help you lay a foundation to build a stronger backlink profile so that your website can become more readily found.

Content Marketing

creative content marketing strategiesPromote your business, products and services through content marketing articles. Our copywriters can work with your staff to develop promotional articles. These content marketing articles will then be placed strategically throughout the web on marketing blogs, information hubs & lead generation sites, helping spread the word about your business. Use the power of the word to help your company’s product or service spread like wildfire.


copywriting servicesHaving trouble developing copy for your website? Need rich content to further strengthen your website? With technical information and/or an outline provided by you, our team of copywriters can take your rough drafts and turn them into winning copy. Our copywriters will help propel your website toward greater success with easy to read copy that will make its mark.