How to Make a Standout Company Facebook Page

These days, almost every company is jumping on the social networking bandwagon. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as having a following on a social network like Twitter or Facebook can help you to garner new customers and create a sense of loyalty among your existing customer base. If you don’t approach your company Facebook […]

Sozo Firm Announces Reputation Helper Launch

We’re proud to announce the official launch of Reputation Helper, our partnership with some of the world’s leading specialists in combating internet libel and defamation. Reputation Helper has been several years in the  making, and we’re excited to publicly enter the arena of online reputation management with our arsenal full of top caliber weapons. Many […]

Help! The Web Designer Stole My Domain!

It starts out something like this … At BlueSpottedFishTails Web Design, our policy is to have the client transfer his domain over to us. It minimizes the frustrations we once experienced when the client retained his domain. Setting up a domain to work with the new website we’re designing is an extremely complicated matter. In […]