conducting an evaluation of efficiency in business

Business Efficiency Consulting

Since 2004, Sozo Firm has been helping businesses throughout the U.S. rethink their strategies to improve their processes and implement solutions for success. We aim for continuous improvement with each of our clients, and the only cost cutting measures we recommend serve the purpose of increasing value for our clients. Our goal is to balance effectiveness with efficiency.

Our consultants have advised hundreds of small businesses, internet startups, entrepreneurial ventures, nonprofit organizations, and corporations, and our client list includes Fortune 500 companies and a Forbes top 10 company.

Whether you are still in the initial stages of starting your business or you have an existing structure and would like to cut waste and optimize your operations, we are here to guide you in the direction of success. And if by chance your project is not in line with our experiences and skill-set, we will happily provide you with referrals to other business consultants that may be better suited to your needs.

How Sozo Firm Can Serve You:

  1. Conduct a meticulous analysis of your entire company or a specific department
  2. Help your business cut costs for the purpose of increasing value & profitability
  3. Develop strategies for optimizing your business processes
  4. Provide suggestions for time management & resource allocation
  5. Increase your business’s worth through improved customer satisfaction, loyalty, & retention
  6. Strengthen employee commitment & morale
  7. Analyze offline & online marketing (including social media strategies) for ROI

The Business Efficiency Process

We begin this process with exhaustive information collection, which is then followed by careful research and analysis. Based on the type of approach you outline for us, we can work anonymously behind the scenes or publicly among your staff in your business’s day to day operations. Our practice can be one of strictly research and consulting work, or it can be made more immersive through a hands on experiential analysis of the flow of work and communication within your company.

Based on an analysis of the information we collect during our research, we will then develop and recommend strategies for increasing your business’s overall efficiency within the perimeters you’ve given. We can then help guide you through the implementation of the strategies you’ve approved. Training sessions can be provided as needed for your management team and/or your staff.

In conclusion, Sozo is guided by the firm belief that everything should be regularly evaluated and measured for success. We use our experience to provide both an assessment of the results of your overall business efficiency analysis and recommendations for improvement.

Short Term or Long Term Projects

Our consultants take on both short term projects (60-90 days in duration) as well as long term, ongoing projects (6 – 18 months in duration).

Contact Sozo Firm

Whether you’re looking for an exhaustive analysis of your entire company and business processes or would like to focus on just a specific department, we’re here to meet your needs. We’ll bring our motivation for improving efficiency accompanied by our passion for strengthening effectiveness. As outsiders to your company, we will use our neutral standpoint to help you identify poorly allocated resources, gain a knowledge-driven control over costs, and optimize your business for increased profitability with less waste.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, partner with Sozo Firm today. In today’s economy, only the streamlined, customer-focused company has any hope of survival.

Note: Due to our current project load, we are presently being very selective with any new projects we accept. The following are always welcome: referrals, nonprofit organizations, startups, and small-mid size businesses/corporations in need of long term consulting.