Tips for Undergoing the Transition from Employee to Manager

What generally happens when an ordinary employee climbs the work ladder and becomes the newest manager? Well, in an ideal world, he or she would maintain coworker friendships, still come in and leave at the same time, and no longer have to worry about the “dirty” work. However, ask any manager and they can relate […]

Compliance Is Key When Implementing Employee Layoffs

What is the number one fear that makes 1 in 5 Americans lose sleep? A recent Gallup poll shows that nearly 21% of Americans believe it is “very” or “fairly” likely that they will be laid off or terminated within the next year. Many workers fear going into work one morning and being told that […]

Help! I Hired the Wrong Person. Now What?

Frequently in a busy business, the initial hiring process is rushed and applicants are carelessly selected. If your business is growing and another employee is desperately needed, it could be tempting to hire the first semi-qualified applicant that comes around. You may just scan through some resumes, call in a few applicants for a five […]

Avoiding Discrimination During the Job Interview Process

Effectively conducting an interview is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the hiring process. You spend hours or even days going through resumes and narrowing down the list of actual interviewees who fit the job description. As you prepare for your first interview, you scan over the female’s resume. Under her volunteer activities, […]

How to Conduct a Productive Meeting

We have all sat in meetings that seemed endless and lacked any productive material. Perhaps monthly meetings are a requirement in your company. For many, simply showing up is enough. For others, information presented in the meeting is essential to your everyday tasks. Unfortunately, a large number of meetings are unsuccessful. The leader may be […]

10 Ways to Prevent Layoffs

The goal of any business is to efficiently and effectively offer its services or products to the customer and maintain a profit. However, with the unstable economy and tighter budgets, many businesses are seeing a decline in profits. In a panic, they may initiate mass layoffs, which can in turn hurt the business’ reputation and […]

Three Business Quotes to Live By

Owning or running a business is an experience in which you never stop learning. From the day you start to the day you retire, each new customer or client acts as a learning experience. Sometimes it also helps to learn from your “elders,” those individuals who came before you, who have exhibited great leadership, or […]

How to Handle Pushy Clients and Customers

Pushy customers and clients can make a bad day worse, and they have the uncanny ability to raise your stress levels from manageable to “I quit” in no time at all. Pushy clients want things done their way, they want something for nothing, they want you on-call 24/7, and they want projects completed on their […]

Become a Better Employee by Making Your Mornings More Productive

Everybody wants to be good at their job, and becoming more productive is a great way to become a better employee. This list should give you a good idea of where to begin, starting with the second you roll out of bed. Most people are highly alert and productive in the morning, so use the […]

How to Build Trust With Clients

Every company wants to build trust with its clients because when you earn a client’s trust, you earn their loyalty and their business, both of which serve to benefit your company. But sometimes prospective clients never pan out. Deals fall through. Promising leads never deliver. Could your clients’ lack of confidence in your company be […]