Dealing With Difficult Clients

If you’re a freelancer or are in any other type of work in which you rely on your clients, then chances are, you’ve encountered at least one nightmarish client. And if you haven’t yet, then rest assured that you probably will. But while these clients have a knack for making your life miserable and making […]

Improve Customer Retention With These Five Simple Steps

You’ve just sold your largest order this year to a relatively new customer. You are excited in their interest in your company and its products. You are also anticipating future sales. However, after time passes, it becomes evident that the customer has chosen to take their business elsewhere. Was it something you did? You thought […]

Free Up Cash Flow and Eliminate Personal Loans By Leasing Equipment

If you’re an entrepreneur, you know well enough that starting up a business is very expensive. Aside from purchase or rent costs, you must also budget for equipment costs. Perhaps you need to purchase 2 delivery trucks or maybe you need 10 computer systems. Whatever your business needs, more than likely the equipment will set […]

Create a Procrastination Free Schedule

It’s Thursday afternoon at 1:00. Your boss is expecting a report from you tomorrow at 9:00. Yet, you know that there is little possibility of meeting that deadline. Every time you started to work on the report, another project came up. Now you are left cramming 40 hours of work into half of that. The […]

Improve Overall Production and Cut Costs With a Four Day Work Week

Every struggling company in America is looking for possible ways to reduce costs, increase production, and in turn, increase profit. It is guaranteed that they have already implemented a number of cost-saving measures, which may or may not be working. However, as the financial climate still remains unstable, these companies are left looking for the […]

How Do You Handle Upset Customers?

When products or services do not work as promised and returns or complaints are in order, you can guarantee that from time to time your customer service department is going to have to handle argumentative, unruly customers. In fact, the higher the emotions run and the more frustrated the customer becomes, the greater the likelihood […]

Tips for Undergoing the Transition from Employee to Manager

What generally happens when an ordinary employee climbs the work ladder and becomes the newest manager? Well, in an ideal world, he or she would maintain coworker friendships, still come in and leave at the same time, and no longer have to worry about the “dirty” work. However, ask any manager and they can relate […]

Compliance Is Key When Implementing Employee Layoffs

What is the number one fear that makes 1 in 5 Americans lose sleep? A recent Gallup poll shows that nearly 21% of Americans believe it is “very” or “fairly” likely that they will be laid off or terminated within the next year. Many workers fear going into work one morning and being told that […]

Help! I Hired the Wrong Person. Now What?

Frequently in a busy business, the initial hiring process is rushed and applicants are carelessly selected. If your business is growing and another employee is desperately needed, it could be tempting to hire the first semi-qualified applicant that comes around. You may just scan through some resumes, call in a few applicants for a five […]

Avoiding Discrimination During the Job Interview Process

Effectively conducting an interview is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the hiring process. You spend hours or even days going through resumes and narrowing down the list of actual interviewees who fit the job description. As you prepare for your first interview, you scan over the female’s resume. Under her volunteer activities, […]