Prevent Employee Absences by Choosing the Right Absenteeism Policy

No business owner enjoys seeing absenteeism patterning among his employees. Not only are excessive employee absences an inconvenience, but if employees miss too many days, it could cost your company money in terms of lost labor or the need to hire a temp to cover the vacant shift. Employee absences can never be eliminated, of […]

How to Discuss Uncomfortable Personal Issues With Your Employees

There are certain subjects that you will probably never feel comfortable discussing with your employees. Whether the issue revolves around inappropriate dress, bad hygiene, attitude problems, or cultural misunderstandings, some situations can be very tough to bring to discussion. Your first instinct may be to avoid the situation altogether, but because these issues can have […]

The Sneaky Productivity Drainer in Your Office

There are certain factors that everyone knows will kill a company’s productivity, but one factor in particular is being overlooked in offices across the globe: lighting. It might seem like a minor thing, but an employer’s choice of lighting can have a marked impact on the level of productivity exhibited by the company’s employees. In […]

Should I Ban Facebook and Texting at Work?

It’s hard to escape technology in today’s world, and it’s even harder to escape it in today’s workplace. Cell phones, computers, and the internet have revolutionized the way many companies do business, allowing for fast communication and instant access to information. Unfortunately, though, many companies are experiencing as many of technology’s drawbacks as its benefits. […]

Employee Texting at Work: How Do You Handle It?

With technology an ever-increasing part of people’s lives, cell phone use at work is a growing concern among today’s employers. Specifically, texting, which is favored by most employees due to its discreteness and convenience, is an issue that many employers have a difficult time addressing. (Personal calls, which are much more disruptive and time-consuming than […]

What Your Employees Really Need

There’s no denying that money is important. It can help you attract star employees and keep you from losing those employees to competitors. However, salary isn’t everything to employees, and if you rely too heavily on money to make your workers happy, you could find yourself in a situation where your employees are less productive […]

Dealing With Difficult Clients

If you’re a freelancer or are in any other type of work in which you rely on your clients, then chances are, you’ve encountered at least one nightmarish client. And if you haven’t yet, then rest assured that you probably will. But while these clients have a knack for making your life miserable and making […]

Improve Customer Retention With These Five Simple Steps

You’ve just sold your largest order this year to a relatively new customer. You are excited in their interest in your company and its products. You are also anticipating future sales. However, after time passes, it becomes evident that the customer has chosen to take their business elsewhere. Was it something you did? You thought […]

Free Up Cash Flow and Eliminate Personal Loans By Leasing Equipment

If you’re an entrepreneur, you know well enough that starting up a business is very expensive. Aside from purchase or rent costs, you must also budget for equipment costs. Perhaps you need to purchase 2 delivery trucks or maybe you need 10 computer systems. Whatever your business needs, more than likely the equipment will set […]

Create a Procrastination Free Schedule

It’s Thursday afternoon at 1:00. Your boss is expecting a report from you tomorrow at 9:00. Yet, you know that there is little possibility of meeting that deadline. Every time you started to work on the report, another project came up. Now you are left cramming 40 hours of work into half of that. The […]