Cut Marketing Costs Without Losing Results

During challenging economic times, your company most likely targets a broad variety of budget categories with cuts, but marketing probably isn’t one of those affected. Although few businesses are willing to spend significantly extra on marketing when finances are tight, it’s important to realize that marketing is essential for most businesses. Marketing helps you acquire […]

Email Efficiency Tips

Email’s original purpose was to allow for nearly instantaneous communication from anywhere in the world. While a letter sent via the post office may take several days to reach the recipient, an email can reach a recipient thousands of miles away in a matter of seconds. Email was created to save time and money. You […]

Help! Negative Reviews Are Killing My Business

We’ve all heard the adage that one dissatisfied customer will tell 7-12 friends. However, with the invention of the internet, social media platforms, and simplistic Google searches, that one person can now tell hundreds or thousands. A potential customer can simply type your company’s name into Google and instantly obtain customer reviews and ratings. With […]

How Valuable Are Your Customers?

How valuable are your customers? Do you recognize and cherish each individual customer as a direct correlation to your business’ success? Or, do you simply think that it is just one customer? If your customer service representatives treat each customer as “just another customer,” how long is it before every customer is disappointed with the […]

How To Make the Most Out Of Your Business Partnership

A business partnership should present a number of benefits to your company, but if you don’t take the necessary precautions, your partnership could fail to be productive. Worse yet, a bad partnership even has the potential to be mutually destructive, so it’s important to ensure that your partnership has all the conditions for success. The […]

Increase Employee Motivation With Performance-Based Pay

Performance-based pay is a highly effective strategy for increasing motivation among employees. Although financial rewards aren’t the only things that motivate employees, they can be very effective when properly implemented. The possibilities for performance-based pay come in many variations, and each will have to be tailored to the specifics of your company in order to […]

Prevent Employee Absences by Choosing the Right Absenteeism Policy

No business owner enjoys seeing absenteeism patterning among his employees. Not only are excessive employee absences an inconvenience, but if employees miss too many days, it could cost your company money in terms of lost labor or the need to hire a temp to cover the vacant shift. Employee absences can never be eliminated, of […]

How to Discuss Uncomfortable Personal Issues With Your Employees

There are certain subjects that you will probably never feel comfortable discussing with your employees. Whether the issue revolves around inappropriate dress, bad hygiene, attitude problems, or cultural misunderstandings, some situations can be very tough to bring to discussion. Your first instinct may be to avoid the situation altogether, but because these issues can have […]

The Sneaky Productivity Drainer in Your Office

There are certain factors that everyone knows will kill a company’s productivity, but one factor in particular is being overlooked in offices across the globe: lighting. It might seem like a minor thing, but an employer’s choice of lighting can have a marked impact on the level of productivity exhibited by the company’s employees. In […]

Should I Ban Facebook and Texting at Work?

It’s hard to escape technology in today’s world, and it’s even harder to escape it in today’s workplace. Cell phones, computers, and the internet have revolutionized the way many companies do business, allowing for fast communication and instant access to information. Unfortunately, though, many companies are experiencing as many of technology’s drawbacks as its benefits. […]